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About Helen Kozak

Professional Photography

Helen Kozak is a seasoned professional, working in the professional photography industry for over 25 years. A native New Yorker, Helen currently resides in Clarksville, Maryland but travels extensively to shoot property and commercial work. She earned a B.A. in Radio, Television, and Film with an Industrial Arts minor at the University of Maryland, and then spent 10 years working as an assistant and producer for local photographers. She transitioned from assisting and producing to become a professional photographer but still partners with her business associates on larger projects. Her past affiliations with some of the area's top photographers have given her a tremendous amount of experience working on complex jobs, whether they be for advertising, commercial, industrial or property purposes. She has traveled internationally to produce advertising and commercial projects. Her initial training and work were in film, but she is excited about the new opportunities that the digital world offers and really enjoyed learning about new technology as she made the transition from film to digital.

Recently she has been involved in shooting commercial and residential properties, and she is currently moving into other areas as well, such as sporting and other events and also portrait photography. Having children has made an impact on her work as she has found new opportunities to create more great images in a different arena. She always stays true to her work photographing all the things that she loves – where we live, who we live with, how we celebrate and how we play.

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